Agriculture Dryer Machine

                      Agriculture dryer machine

                      Product description

                      Panorama of agriculture dryer machine

                      Agriculture is an indispensable source of food in daily life, people use the food to meet the energy and nutrients needed in the body, when materials harvesting, the ordinary storage method will cause mildew of materials, but drying by Lantian Brand agriculture dryer machine, like sweet potato drying machine, cassava dryer and pumpkin drying machine edible keeps well and without destroying its nutrient structure.

                      Structure diagram and parameter
                      Structure diagram of agriculture dryer machine 
                      Parameter of agriculture dryer machine

                      Lantian Brand agriculture dryer machine have various size can make you choose, customers can choose different models according to the area of their own factory or their personal situation.

                      Working principle
                       Working principle of agriculture dryer machine
                      PLC intelligent control panel

                      When sweet potato drying machine, cassava dryer and other dryers are drying, they used environmental protection and energy saving working principle inverse Carnot, they used PLC intelligent control panel to adjust temperature and drying time, save labor and time and also improve drying efficiency.

                      Drying effect display
                       Drying effect of agriculture dryer machine
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                      Machines features
                       Features of agriculture dryer machine
                      Customers site
                       Customers site of agriculture dryer machine

                      Our Lantian Brand agriculture dryer machine are sold to overseas and received widely praised because their high quality and reasonable price.

                      Installing site
                       Installing site of agriculture dryer machine

                      Our sweet potato drying machine, cassava dryer and pumpkin drying machine are very popular and loved by customers because of their simple operation, stable performance and reasonable price, our customers give us on-site installation and feedback after receiving the machine.

                      Drying process
                       Processing of dryer machine

                      Before cassava, sweet potato, pumpkin etc. hard skin materials drying,taro drying machine drying, they need wash by roller washing machine, to remove the soil and dirt, after washing, they can slice or dice, increasing the drying area of the material can speed up the drying speed of the material and save time.

                      Customers photos
                       Our customers of dryer machine

                      Lantian Brand dryer machines are sold to overseas and loved by them, which are have high quality and simple operation, they were designed by our staff, so they have ISO high quality certification and EU CE certification, if you are interested in our food processing machine, looking forward your inquiry.

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