Sea Food Dryer Machine

                       Sea food dryer machine

                      Product description
                      Panorama of sea food dryer machine

                      Seafood is a variety of foods in the ocean. It contains a variety of trace elements needed by the human body. After being caught in the sea, seafood is not conducive to survival in the general environment, in order to make it nutritious, we can use Lantian Brand sea food dryer machine to drying it, like fish drying machine, squid dryer and sea cucumber drying machine , after drying, they are easy to storage, and they have been recognized and appreciated by customers in many countries. 

                      Structure diagram
                      Structure diagram of sea food dryer machine
                      Working principle
                      Working principle of sea food dryer machine

                      Lantian Brand sardine fish dryer machine, shrimp dryer machine and other seafood dryers are belongs to air energy heat pump box dryer machine, used inverse Carnot working principle, when they working, using electric energy to compress air energy, PLC intelligent control panel can adjust the temperature and drying time, humanized design is easy to operate and maintain, which are loved by many customers from many countries.

                      Drying effect display
                      Drying effect of sea food dryer machine
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                      Machines features
                      Features of sea food dryer machine
                      Customers site
                       Customers site of sea food dryer machine

                      Lantian dryers sold to many countries, which achieved unanimous praise because their excellent performance.

                       Philippine customer installing site
                      Installing site of sea food dryer machine

                      When customers received machines, we can arrange staff to go to the customer site to install according to the customer's needs.

                      Our honor
                       Our customers of sea food dryer machine

                      Lantian Brand dryer machines passed ISO high quality and EU CE certification, because they designed by our staff, they are received widely praised in many countries, we are high quality and stable performance, and we are worthy your trust.

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