Fruit Pitting Machine

                      Fruit Pitting Machine
                      Product description
                      Panorama of pitting machine

                      Most of the fruits contain pits. In the process of food processing, the cores need to be removed to ensure the quality of processed foods. For this reason, we produced fruit pitting machine, which can remove cores of various fruits such as apricots, peaches and dates, It is also possible to cut the fruit into several petals to facilitate the drying process.

                      Machines parameter
                      Parameter of pitting machine
                      Working principle
                      Working principle of pitting machine

                      Before the machine works, put the fruits in the squeeze groove of the core machine, the fruits are fixed in the pitting machine, the switch is turned on, the machine moves forward at a constant speed, the needle is evenly moved up and down under the operation of the machine, and the core is squeezed out. The fruit pitting machine is easy to operate, the pitting effect is good, and the pulp is not damaged too much, the nutritional value is well preserved, we are fruit pitting machine supplier, our machines are environmental protection and energy saving, and the customers are recognized.

                      Machine features
                      Features of pitting machine
                      Pitting effect
                      Peeling effect display
                      Widely used
                      Widely used of pitting machine

                      Company profile

                      Lantian Machine Factory

                      We are a professional food processing machine manufacturer, we produced a series high quality and excellece performance, if you need dryers, pitting machines and other food processing machine, we are trustworthy.

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