Washing And Peeling Machine

                      Washing And Peeling Machine

                      Product description

                      Panorama of washing and peeling machine

                      We have 2 washing machines, the other is washing and peeling machine, when working, which can use nylon brush to scrape off hard-skinned fruits and vegetables or to peel them directly, such as potatoes and sweet potatoes. The machine is widely accepted by customers because of its excellent performance and simple operation.

                      Machines parameter
                      Parameter of washing and peeling machine
                      Machines features
                      Machines features of roller washing machine
                      Machines details and Working principle
                      Machines details and Working principle

                      When washing and peeling machine is working, put materials into the washing pool and sprayed with high pressure prinkler head, screw roller brush and water flow can washing hard skin dirt and soil with high efficiency, and the brush is made of nylon material, high efficiency and simple operation makes our machines welcomed and loved.

                      Widely used
                      Widely used of washing and peeling machine

                      Customers sites
                      Customer site of washing and peeling machine

                      Our washing and peeling machine are sold to overseas and  received widely praised, after our customers received our machine, they used machines to wash potatoes, gingers and other materials, the washing effect is good, materials keeps intact edible value also keeps well.

                      Company profile
                      Customers of washing and peeling machineLantian Machinery Factory

                      Lantian is a trustworthy team. We specialize in producing a number of environmentally friendly and healthy food processing machinery. If you need food processing machinery, welcome to consult and inquire.

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