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                      Professional drying equipment manufacturers a variety of drying equipment to meet your production needs

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                      Main production: box dryer, mesh belt dryer, cleaning machine, peeler, slicer, nuclear removal machine, cold storage and other ancillary equipment.

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                      ABOUT US

                      Export Base of Heat Pump Drying Equipment in China

                      Lantian Machinery has always taken the lead in the development concept of being a pioneer and a model, rooted in the fertile soil of China, looked around the world, ignited the domestic and foreign markets with heartfelt passion, and earnestly completed every machine and every spare part. Taking work as a responsibility, we relentlessly took the Lantian Machinery Road to Vietnam, Madagascar, Lebanon and other countries. Gold standard products blossom in domestic and foreign markets.
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                      Provide intelligent, high-capacity environmental protection drying equipment production line, only for your satisfaction.

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